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Window Cleaning in the
San Francisco and the Bay Area, CA.

Modern architecture makes use of a lot of glass; large, clear windows that give way to spectacular views—both inside and outside—are a staple for homes and businesses. However, the upkeep and maintenance of glass is no ordinary feat. It’s a material that requires professional care and attention to ensure that it retains its original form and shine. Removing stains, scratches, and reversing the damage is possible through professional window washing and window cleaning services. Learn more by getting in touch with us!

What We Use

At Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions, we use a combination of 3 environmentally friendly cleaning products and solutions with water to clean the glass surface.

In case of particularly tough stains, spots and marks, we use special treatments and methods to deliver the necessary results. For this, we may charge an additional amount.

We believe in the importance of being environmentally conscientious and playing our part in reducing environmental harm, which is why our products are eco-friendly. We use efficient technology and tools and a whole lot of manpower to deliver the best possible results to our clients!

How We Do It

We take pride in our ability to deliver thorough results and pay a lot of attention to even the most minor details. Our window washing and cleaning process is unique, giving us a competitive edge that allows us to be one of the best in the business. We follow a six-step process, rather than the standard wet and wipe, which tends to leave behind stains, stucco, and more. The process that helps us get you the cleanest windows possible is as follows:

  • Line the areas around the window with dropping cloth to prevent spillage and staining
  • Use a soft, wet bar to wet the entire window
  • Use a specially designed razor blade meant for window cleaning to remove all stains and materials down to the surface of the glass. This lets the glasses stay clean twice as longer than without the razor blades.
    Soft bar is reused to wet the window once more
  • Pro-grade squeegee is used to clean the entire surface of the window so nothing is left behind
  • Free of cost basic cleaning of window sills, edges, tracks, frames and bottom of the window for a complete and thoroughly cleaned surface

Our window cleaning services are centered on complete customer satisfaction, which is why you will often find the owner of the company directly overseeing or participating in a job.

Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions provides premium quality window cleaning services for residential homes and commercial properties in San Francisco and the Bay Area, CA. Our team of professional window cleaners uses a mixture of three eco-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure your windows are left spotless and sparkling.

Window glass is difficult to maintain and can accumulate stains and marks over time. We use environmentally friendly products that align with our company’s sustainable mission. Our professional window cleaners conduct thorough window washing and screen cleaning activities, ensuring all types of stains, spots, and marks are removed, resulting in spotless windows!

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