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Why You Should Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned Regularly

Solar energy is one of the cheapest energy resources in the world. Thus, solar panels are today’s investment for a better future.

Due to their less environmental footprint and greater cost-effectiveness, more and more people are installing solar panels in their homes.

But the work doesn’t end there. Your solar panels need regular maintenance too. While you may be scheduling a little soap-and-water action for your solar panels, they need a little bit more than that.

Solar panels being cleaned

Here’s why you should be hiring professional cleaning services to tend to your solar panels:

Sophisticated Parts

A solar panel may seem like a simple device, but the magic happens inside the casing. It’s made up of many small and complex parts, which a non-technical person may not understand easily.

Instead of doing it yourself and risking damage to any component, it’s better to leave the nitty-gritty work to the professionals.

Special Chemicals

Expert cleaning services make use of specialized chemicals such as the Solar Maid PV Cleaning Solution. This chemical is suitable for cleaning a solar panel thoroughly as it’s alcohol-based, non-abrasive, and contains UV-attracting chemicals that boost your panels’ function.

 Training and Experience

Professionals in the cleaning industry have years of experience handling, repairing, and maintaining equipment like solar panels. They have the required knowledge and skill set to safely work with the devices and get them up and running in no time.

Expert Advice

When you hire expert services to get your solar panels cleaned, you also learn a lot about them. You can watch the workers at their craft and can also get their advice on how you can take better care of the devices.

They’ll also be able to guide you on which models/types of panels to get, how much it’d cost, how you can improve your energy usage, etc.

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable solar panel cleaning in the Bay Area, reach out to Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions. With years of experience in the cleaning business, we’re well-equipped to take care of your cleaning needs according to your requirements. We also take pride in our great customer service too! Get in touch with us to find out more about our cleaning services.

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