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Why professional Window Screen cleaning is very important to your home, business and essentially to your health

You’ve probably already heard that the air inside our homes is 10 times more polluted than the air outside them, and believe or not, window screens play an important role here.

For instance, from all the impurities that travel through the air—such as from poison plants’ pollen, hazardous particles from toxic contaminants, all kinds of contagious flu etc., most of them get stick to your window screens.

Here comes the dangerous part that most people are not aware of—you know those very hot summer days, when your house feels like a sauna and the air conditioning is out of order and you need to open up all the windows to let the fresh air come in? This is when all those hazards and toxic contaminants that they were stuck to your window screen enter your house and contaminate it.

If you’re looking for a reliable window screen cleaning service to help ensure a healthy house environment in the Greater Bay Area, we can help you achieve that. With our main office in Richmond, CA, our services extend to all the cities in the Bay Area.