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Why professional Window cleaning is very important to your home or business

There’s a huge demand for glass in modern architecture, and it’s very important to make sure that these glass pieces are kept in their best appearance and shape. Keeping windows shining, spotless, clear and sparkling will not only give your house or business an upscale look, but it also will increase its value by up to 10 percent, especially if your house is on the market for sale.

Glass is a fine, fragile and an elegant piece of material that constantly requires attention, care, and maintenance. Glass that is not regularly cleaned starts to develop different kinds of stains, some of which are expensive to treat while others are untreatable, calling for a glass replacement.

To ensure that neat, spotless finish to your house, we at Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions offer professional window cleaning and washing services in The Great Bay Area with our main office located in Richmond, CA.

We use a combination of 03 environmental friendly products and clean water to clean your window unless if it requires a special treatment such as spot, stain etc., extra charge will apply for special treatment.

Here at Splash Window Cleaning & Solutions, we know that in today’s economy only those who strive to be the best and better serve their client will succeed so we take that extremely seriously and because of that while 98 percent of the competitors simply wet the window and then wipe it with the squeegee leaving behind all kind of sticky element such as paint specks, dirt, old, bird drops, bee drops, stucco etc., our window cleaning procedure have 6 steps as shown below and we guarantee they work effectively way better than any other procedures.

  • Step one –  We use dropping cloth beneath the window and on the surfaces around to make sure no drops will spill on your furniture, wall and floor.
  • Step two – we use a super soft wet bar to wet the entire window.
  • Step three – we use a razor blade specially designed for window cleaning to remove even the most sticky elements down to the foundation of the glass so it will stay cleaner twice as longer than just a regular cleaning without the use of the razor blade.
  • Step four – we use a super soft wet bar to re-wet the entire window.
  • Step five– we use a pro grade squeegee to wipe the entire surface of the window ensuring there will be no water or any other elements left behind.
  • Step six – We’ll wipe down the window edges, the bottom of the window sills, tracks and frames at no extra cost to you at all, while the competitors always have some sort of hidden extra charges for all these things in the end of the job.” Be Cautious! Unfortunately, there are many companies out there, that seems too good to be true but in the end trouble is a sure thing. Usually those companies who go very low on their estimates are the ones you should be aware of.”