Tips For Making Your Home Energy-Efficient

Many modern homeowners nowadays seek to have energy-efficient homes. Not only does an energy-efficient living space help the environment, it can also help you cut down on utility costs. When it comes to making your home energy-efficient, there are various measures you can take.
Moreover, with the rising levels of climate change globally, it has become increasingly important for us to ensure we do our part—and energy efficient homes can help us do that more effectively.
Below we discuss some tips for making your home energy-efficient:
Air seal your attic
Air sealing your attic can help maintain your indoor temperature, keeping the heat in during winters and cooling in during summers.
Consider insulating your homes ceilings and attic, and make sure the windows are properly sealed. This will prevent cold drafts and air leakages from seeping in during the harsh cold weather.

Consider revamping your windows

Your windows can be the main source of heat loss in your home.
In order to increase their energy efficiency, consider replacing the aluminum frames. This is because these frames tend to easily transfer heat. A good alternate would be vinyl frames.
You might also want to get your windows tints, and these will allow you to keep excess cold and heat out of your home.

Responsible use of appliances and electronics

It was found that appliances and electronics accounted for around 20 percent of household energy bills.
Use your appliances and electronics more responsibly by ensuring your refrigerators aren’t placed near the stoves or other heat vents, as this will make them use more energy to maintain their temperature. Moreover, shut off your laptops and computers and unplug your phone chargers when not in use.
These simple steps can help you save considerable amounts of energy.

Install solar panels

Not only will installing solar panels make your home more energy efficient, it will help you save on those energy bills each month. Though they may seem like a costly investment at first, their benefits in the long run make them a worthwhile investment.
Solar panels will last you several years, and will protect your home from extreme weather conditions. You can also earn tax credits and rebates on it, and end up saving around $7,500 on a solar system worth around $25,000. They will also boost your homes resale value greatly. Research has found that homeowners can expect a $5,911 resale value boost per every installed kilowatt.

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