The Ultimate Guide to Professional Window Cleaning

Wondering why it’s worth investing in professional window cleaning for your building? Getting your windows cleaned by an expert window washing service is a great way to improve your building’s curb appeal.Window cleaners will help you get rid of everything from cobwebs in your windowsills to grime on your windowpanes. But what steps does a window cleaning company typically take when cleaning windows?

Check out our ultimate guide to professional window cleaning below to find out!

Step 1: Assessing How Dirty the Windows Are

Before window cleaners visit your home, they’ll want to know how dirty your windows are via a phone call or a face-to-face consultation. Therefore, it’s important to prepare answers to questions like “when was the last time you had your windows cleaned by professionals?” and “are your windows damaged in any way?”.

We recommend providing as much information as possible about the state of your windows. This includes information like whether you’ve installed window screens and how often you clean your windows.It’s also worth sending pictures of your windows to the window cleaning company to help them assess the extent of cleaning required.

Ultimately, the information you provide the window cleaning company will help them bring the right equipment when they attend your home or building.For instance, if the window cleaners know the windows at your property are caked in grime, they’ll bring stronger cleaning solutions and pressure washers that use a motorized pump to push water at high pressure through a nozzle.

Step 2: Removing the Window Screens

The first thing window cleaners will do when they arrive is remove your window screens. If your window screens are dirty, we recommend asking the window cleaners whether they’re willing to clean them.If you wait till the end of the cleaning job to ask them to clean your window screens, they’ll refuse if they have to attend to another client after you.

Step 3: Lining the Windows with Cloth

Window cleaners typically line a window with a cloth before cleaning it. This prevents water from spilling everywhere and staining the walls underneath.If you’re getting interior window cleaning, the window cleaners will also place cloths underneath your windows to prevent water from pooling on the floor. This is especially important if you have wooden floors since wood swells when it gains moisture.

If you want to assist the window cleaners, we recommend offering them old towels to place on the floor underneath your windows. It’s also a good idea to clear away any furniture from the area underneath the windows before the window cleaners arrive.

Step 4: Wetting the Windows

Once the windows are lined with cloths, window cleaners will use a sponge bar to wet the windows with a cleaning solution. Cleaning solutions typically contain a mixture of water and window cleaning liquids. The extent to which your windows are dirty determines the strength of the solution. If your windows are extremely dirty, the solution will contain a higher concentration of window cleaning liquid.

Unfortunately, it’s common for some window cleaning companies to save costs by using sub-standard cleaning products. These products are unsustainable and won’t clean the glass as effectively as higher quality chemicals. Therefore, we recommend hiring a window cleaning company that uses high-quality and environmentally friendly window cleaning products.

Step 5: Removing Tough Stains Using Razors

If your windows feature particularly tough stains, the window cleaners will use razor blades to gently scrape them away. Razor blades are thin enough to be lodged between the glass and the stain, making them an ideal tool to remove tough stains.

It’s worth remembering that the window cleaning company might charge you extra for razor blade cleaning as it takes a while to do compared to standard window cleaning. We recommend spending that little bit extra for razor cleaning as it’ll leave your windows looking mesmerizing!

Step 6: Wiping the Windows with a Squeegee

After all the stains are removed, the window cleaners will wipe your windows with a squeegee. Professional window cleaners use pro-grade squeegees made from high-quality materials like silicon and rubber. These are designed to prevent your glass from being scratched during the wiping process. It’s common for window cleaners to bring various-sized squeegees to reach every part of a window.

If the window cleaners wipe your windows and discover there are still stains on the glass, they might re-apply the cleaning solution and wipe them again to ensure the glass is completely spotless.

A man wiping a glass pane with a squeegee

Step 7: Drying the Windows with a Microfiber Cloth

It’s common for window cleaners to declare the job finished after wiping your windows with a squeegee. However, if windows are still wet then they’ll use a special microfiber cloth to wipe down your windows.

Microfiber cloth is lined with tiny fibers that buff glass at a microscopic level. Wiping glass with a microfiber cloth will give it an extremely clean look that’s impossible to replicate with a regular cloth. Microfiber cloths are also useful for preventing hard water stains from forming on the surface of your windows. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium that remain on glass surfaces and stain them after the water has evaporated. A great way to remove these stains is by using microfiber cloths.

A man wiping a glass window with a squeegee

If the windows at your property have lost their luster, it’s time to hire a top window cleaning company in the Bay Area like Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions to get them cleaned! We prioritize customer service and specialize in both commercial and residential window cleaning in the Bay Area. We use environmentally friendly window cleaning products and provide fantastic deals for all our clients.

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