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What Surfaces Can You Get Pressure-Washed?

Keeping in mind the pressure factor of the term ‘pressure washing’, you’re a little concerned that while the service might remove every bit of dirt and grime to mold and mildew, it might also end up ripping some material up and away altogether!
No need to be concerned though.

Even if you don’t know which surfaces should and shouldn’t be pressure washed, if you hire a reliable service like Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions, you can be sure we’ll keep you in the loop on what results you can expect.
So, if you’re interested, here’s a list of surfaces we can pressure wash for you, leaving it spic and span and just beautifully cleaned!

-Decks and Brick Walls

Brick walls are meant to last for decades, so you can be sure it’ll withstand the power of the pressure wash. But it also comes down to its age.
A 50-year old brick home won’t be able to withstand the initial spray if time has already eroded it. Nevertheless, we can adjust the pressure to make sure the walls retains its shape.


Quite durable, concrete receives pressure washing well and can be restored to its original look with ease. Whatever may have marked concrete—oil, petroleum, grease, paint, and wax—pressure washing can be used to clear the mess away.

-Natural Stone

Depending on the type of stone it is, its cut and configuration, and more, natural stone can be cleaned, and pressure washed to preserve its natural beauty. From marble and granite to limestone, all hard and soft stones can be pressure washed, on the condition that the right pressure is used.
washing wood


As with natural stone, wood also needs to be assessed first for its type and finish so that the right amount of pressure can be applied and the wood isn’t stripped of its natural barriers. Wood siding, decks and other wood surfaces can be pressure washed.
-Outdoor Furniture
Fabric, glass, metal, wood, wicker—there are plenty of different types of outdoor furniture that can be pressure washed. But most likely, a lower pressure setting will be used to protect the design and quality of the piece.


Stucco needs to be carefully inspected before it can be pressure washed otherwise it can sustain damage. Given that stucco does accumulate mud, smoke, dirt and dust over time, especially during humid weather, it’s best to inspect it for any deterioration or peeling before it can be washed.


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