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Solar Panel Maintenance 101

A solar panel can provide you with clean, green, and renewable energy for up to 25 years. With global warming and environmental damage on the rise due to the waste created by coal and gas to create electricity, green is the only way forward.

Solar panels are a hassle to install, and even more difficult to maintain. So, if you think you’re off the hook after just getting them installed, you’ve got another think coming! Here are some tips that are sure to help you out:

Create a Checklist

Maintaining solar panels goes beyond just cleaning them. Ensure that your solar panels are secure and free of any defects, such as corrosion and deterioration. Check the vents to see that there’s no dust, dirt, or unwanted debris in there. You also need to confirm if fitting panels and wiring is securely attached and check if there is complete access to the isolator switches. Make sure that emergency shutdown procedures are in place and visible in case of an unwanted incident.

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Seasonal Cleaning

Although solar panels are built to withstand any type of climate conditions and environments, it’s vital to clean them time and time again to allow for performance at maximum capability. You can use a leaf blower or wash your panels with a hose to get rid of debris like leaves and bird droppings. To remove snow, you can use a leaf blower, a pole with a sponge attached, and spray your solar panels with water. However, never spray hot water on cold panels, use car wax or rock salt as it can lead to serious damage to your panels, roof, and electrical components.

Cleaning Kit

If you’re planning on cleaning solar panels yourself, consider investing in a solar panel cleaning kit. They usually comprise of biodegradable soap, a wiper, and a small brush with a long handle to help you with the hard-to-reach places. Mix the soap in a container filled with water, dip the brush, and clean the solar panels in a gentle wiping motion.

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