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Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance: What You Should Know

Any appliance or equipment that is well-maintained tends to perform better and last longer. Now, most American households schedule a thorough house-cleaning twice a year.  While most homeowners focus on wiping windows and doors till they’re squeaky clean, not many give the same attention and TLC to the solar panels on your rooftops? 

Rooftop solar panels are more likely to get dirty due to their constant exposure to pollution and dust—which also make them more vulnerable to damage. Thus, to protect and make them last longer, here are four DIY methods for cleaning solar panels.

Get Yourself a Solar Panel Cleaning Kit! 

A simple cleaning kit consists of a sponge, a mop, a wiper, and soap. Please keep in mind that everything you use should be non-abrasive. Otherwise, you’d only be ruining and scratching your solar panels.

Mix the soap in the water. Dip in the sponge, and then gently wipe the surface of the panels. In the end, use the wiper for a crystal-clear effect.

Avoid Using High-Pressure Water!

pressure washing

Cleaning can be as easy as running a hose along the surface of your solar panels. However, while hosing the dirt off the panels, ensure the water pressure isn’t too high and the temperature is just right. It should not be too hot or too cold, rather lukewarm.  The same goes for the water pressure. Too high a pressure will damage the joints of the panels.

Stay on the Lookout.

Once you have cleaned your solar panels does not mean your job is done! You have to be on the lookout to keep dirt from accumulating on it again. For instance, be vigilant of bird droppings, dust, rain pollution, fallen leaves, etc., and immediately remove them to maintain your cleaned solar panels.  

Stay Safe!

While solar panels are easier to clean when brought on the ground, you may still choose to wash them on the roof. However, make sure you have taken all precautionary measures before you head upstairs! Use a safety helmet, rubber gloves, and rubber shoes to prevent you from slipping. In addition, try not to wear any accessories that might end up scratching the surface of your solar panels, and last but not least, wear sunscreen!

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