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Reasons Why You Must Get Your Solar Panel Cleaned

Solar panels are on the rise as more and more people are beginning to understand their great benefits. When installed and maintained properly, they can help reduce energy bills, shrink carbon footprint, and improve power efficiency. However, not cleaning them properly can have serious consequences. This blog post will explain why you must clean your solar panels regularly. 

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Reduced Exposure to Sunlight  

As their name suggests, solar panels are dependent on solar energy that they receive from sunlight. You must have noticed that cloudy weather and rain often affect the performance of your solar panels. That happens because they don’t get enough exposure to sunlight on such days.

The same happens when you haven’t cleaned your solar panel for too long and it’s covered by impurities that block the passage of sunlight. In other words, a lack of exposure to sunlight due to impurities reduces the voltage output of your solar panel and its power output. Here are some common impurities that might block your solar panel if you don’t clean it regularly.


Dust is the most common solar blocker that often hinders optimal energy generation of solar panels and causes many other problems. If you ignore cleaning your solar panel for too long, grime will build up and block the areas through which your solar panel is designed to absorb solar energy and convert it into power.


Although, winters are almost over but it’s still important to discuss how snow can affect the efficiency of your solar panel. Small amounts of snow isn’t a problem and it soon melts away. However, when snow accumulates for too long, and mixes with dust, it can have serious consequences. Snow has the potential to not only block your solar panels but also leave them permanently damaged. 

Bird Waste

We all love waking up to the sounds of birds chirping outside our house. You might even be one of those people who associate them with luck and fortune. Unfortunately, these birds are not good news for your solar panels. Constant exposure to and accumulation of bird droppings can cause serious blockage for your solar panels.

Threat to Your Devices

If you have your expensive devices and gadgets dependent on your solar panel for power, then they might also be at risk due to any blockages. An unclear solar panel is unable to provide consistent and sufficient voltage and can damage your devices due to constant fluctuations in voltage.


When was the last time you had your solar panel cleaned? Do you notice any problems with your solar panel? Maybe it’s about time that you hire a professional solar panel cleaning service. Get in touch with Splash Window Cleaning & Solutions to find out about their premium solar panel cleaning in San Francisco and nearby areas.

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