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Reasons Why Cleaning Windows Is A Dangerous Task

Do you know that window cleaning is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world? Every year, many window cleaners die while doing their job. This blog post will explain why window cleaning is dangerous and you should always hire professionals for it.

The Altitude

Most windows are at very high altitudes and it involves a lot of risk to climb up to clean them. Even the most experienced and skilled window cleaner end up falling and injuring themselves. In worst cases, it can even lead to death or permanent damage to a body part.

Wind Is Dangerous

Most window cleaners explain that wind is their great enemy. While you’re enjoying the breezes, many window cleaners are risking their lives to carry out this dangerous task. It is not easy to maintain balance and yet perfectly clean the windows while is trying to move you.

You Never Know When Something Goes Wrong

When you’re working at such high altitudes, even slight mistakes can prove very costly. Even if you get tired or fatigued, results can be devastating. This is why most window cleaners make sure that they have sufficient physical and mental energy before climbing up.

The Anxiety

There is a lot of anxiety involved in the process. When you know that your life is at risk, it can be a challenging task to stay calm and composed while working. Even if you are not afraid of heights, it’s natural to be scared and anxious.

It Requires A lot of Expertise and Professional Tools

It’s due to such risks that this job requires professionals to work. They know how to deal with stuff and what tools to use. With time, they become used to it and know how to stay as calm as possible.

Hire California’s Leading Window Cleaning Service for Great Results

If you are thinking of cleaning your windows on your own, we’d advise you strictly against it and suggest professional window cleaners to do the job instead. Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions, offers professional window cleaning services in the San Francisco. You can also benefit from a wide range of other cleaning services, including professional pressure washing services and solar panel cleaning. Contact us at (415) 286-3115 for more information. 

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