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Power Washing: A Smarter Way to Clean Your House

We’re always looking for smarter and faster ways to clean inside the house—from swiffers and anti-bacterial wipes to clean surfaces to robot vacuum cleaners and leave-on cleaning agents.

When it comes to home cleaning, homeowners tend to focus more on the interior than the exterior—even though there’s more dust, mud, bacteria, and even mold is very common on the outside.

Let’s be honest, cleaning the inside of our home takes a lot of time and elbow grease, and in most cases, you simply don’t have the energy left to clean the exterior. However, cleaning the exterior of your home is just as important as interior cleaning.

Over time, the dirt sticks, mold grows in corners unchecked. And the ketchup and wine stains from the 4th of July BBQ become permanent marks on the porch outside.
This is why we suggest power washing: a smarter way to clean your house. 
Now there are two ways to tackle this.

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One, you could take out time from your busy schedule, gather your brushes and with a bunch of harsh cleaning supplies and get to work. And risk lower back pain in the process.
Or two, you could be smart and opt for power washing.

Saves Time, Money, And a Sore Back:

Power washing uses a stream of hot water and intense pressure to remove stains and wash away any dirt, dust, or mold. It can be used on different surfaces, like windows, stone, pavements, tiles, etc.

Hot water is an effective cleaner and can work wonders when it comes to eliminating mold and bacteria.

Plus, you don’t have to strain your back trying to reach difficult corners or get on all fours to scrub out stubborn stains. If you want a workout, join the gym! For cleaning, opt for power washing. Power washing is quick and will save you time, money, and a sore body.

Tough Stains Have Nothing on Power washing:

Got stains on the porch from the last family BBQ?

Or paint that your daughter splashed over the wall when she went through her art phase?
Well, those tough stains have nothing on power washing. (There’s a reason we say ‘power’)
The high-pressure-hot water combination is designed to remove even the toughest of stains in the most hard-to-reach places. You won’t be struggling with long sticks or struggling with different kinds of brushes.  
Powerful yet gentle:

I like to think of power washing as a superhero. He’s tough on the bad guys but is gentle with the elderly. If you have surfaces that require extra care, power washing is the perfect solution. Power washing is tough on stains but gentle on the surfaces.
That is something bleach, and powerful cleaners can’t promise. Bleach can stain your stones, and powerful cleaning agents can fade surfaces. Power washing uses water at a high pressure to remove gum, mildew, stains, and spills from surfaces without destroying them.
And saves the porch and the day! Super hero, right!
Power washing may sound complicated and expensive, but it’s just about working smart. Grabbing a mop and a pail and getting on all fours to scrub out the front porch or deck is not the right way to clean anymore.

At Splash Bay Area, we can help you with your smart choice. From professional power washing to window cleaning, we’ll help you keep your house as clean on the outside as you keep it on the inside. Call us to get a quote today.

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