Key Differences Between Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

Have you ever seen professional window cleaners carrying out exterior window washing? They look like stuntmen hanging precariously down the side of the building! This is a stark contrast to how window cleaners approach interior window cleaning. But what are the main differences between how a window cleaning service tackles interior and exterior window washing?

Here are three key differences between interior and exterior window cleaning.

Exterior Window Cleaning is Subject to Extensive Safety Procedures

Imagine hanging off the side of a building to do exterior window cleaning only to realize you forgot to check weather conditions for the day. The slightest gust will make you fear the worst!

Fortunately, window cleaners go through extensive safety procedures before engaging in exterior window cleaning. For instance, they review the condition of their equipment and check meteorological reports from the National Weather Service for signs of extreme weather. The latter is especially important for window cleaners in San Francisco given we’re in the middle of the windiest part of the year!

Exterior Window Cleaning Requires Additional Equipment

If you think the equipment used for interior and exterior window cleaning is identical, you’re correct for the most part!

In both cases, window cleaners use window cleaning solutions, squeegees, and wet bars. They also use razor blades to dislodge tough stains. However, exterior window cleaners use additional equipment to position and protect themselves when they’re outside. This includes suspended scaffolding to stand on and ropes to abseil down the sides of buildings.

They also use protective helmets in case of falling debris and ladders to reach tough spots in places like balconies.

Exterior Window Cleaning Takes Longer

Did you know California has several laws window cleaners must abide by when going about their jobs? For instance, it’s illegal for window cleaners to use scaffolds or boatswain’s chairs without proper training. It’s also vital for window cleaners to complete comprehensive safety checks before heading outside to clean a window’s exterior. Reviewing these safety checks and laws takes time. In comparison, interior window cleaning can be as simple as walking up to a window and wiping it down with a wet bar and squeegee!

With that said, numerous factors extend the time it takes to complete an interior window cleaning job. For instance, it’ll take a while if there’s a substantial amount of furniture that must be moved before interior window cleaning can take place.

A man next to a ladder cleaning a window

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