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How Can A Dirty Solar Panel Cost You

Your solar panel is exposed to pollen, dust, and pollution in the air; hence, you must take better care of it. Unfortunately, people take solar panel maintenance lightly and rely on rain to clean their solar panels. This isn’t a good practice.

Our professional window cleaners explain the amount of energy you lose because of a dirty solar panel so continue reading. 

Amount Of Energy You’re Losing

Anything that comes in the way of the sun and your solar panels is bound to have an impact on the percentage of energy production.

The energy produced isn’t greatly affected in the case of minimal dirt on the solar panels. The University of San Diego found that the panel’s energy production is only reduced by less than 0.05%. And in the rainy seasons, even that 0.05% is out of the box.

Clean Your Solar Panels

If you have a larger solar panel, you’re losing out on more energy production and savings. Especially, if you live in a polluted area where there’s an abundance of animal farms, smokestacks, wind, exhaust systems, dusty agricultural areas, jet aircraft exhaust, rain, areas adjacent to saltwater, or freeway exhaust, your solar panel is likely to be extremely dirty and cohabited by sticky dust particles. Hence, it’s best to reach out to a professional solar panel cleaning service before it’s too late.

While you might want to clean them yourself to save some money. But, honestly, it’s not a risk worth taking—because it doesn’t guarantee proper and robust cleaning of your solar panel and puts your life at risk.

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So, we absolutely don’t recommend cleaning your solar panels yourself. Hiring a professional solar panel cleaner is a much safer bet. They’ll use proper equipment and materials to restore and maximize your panel’s function. In addition, a positive outcome would be guaranteed.

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