A Handyman’s Guide to Keeping Your Cleaned Windows Maintained

It’s all fun and games until a badly aimed tiny fistful of mud splats smack dab in the middle of your newly cleaned windows!
At Splash Windows Cleaning and Solutions we know you can’t afford to have anything bad happen to your windows. This is why we’ve decided to let you in on some secrets of the trade, so even after we’re done, you can do your part in maintaining the pristine, spotless beauty of your window panes!

-Don’t Clean in the Sunlight

Hate those water marks on your nice clean window? Adjust your cleaning schedule so your windows can be cleaned after the sun has moved away from the area. This’ll prevent the water from drying up too quickly, which will help keep those water spots at bay.

-Don’t Use Warm Water

Simple cold water is the best choice. Quite similar to heat from the sun, anything warm (in this case, water) evaporates far too quickly, thus leaving streaks.

-Use the Right Cloth

That rag from your old PJs will not work! When cleaning any glass surface, always opt for a microfiber cloth so there are no streaks, leftover lint or micro-scratches. If you can’t find a microfiber cloth, coffee filters or even newspaper works in a pinch.

-Use a Squeegee

Probably the best tool you can use to keep your windows nice and clean! With a squeegee, use a mixture of mild dish soap and normal temperature water, soak the squeegee sponge and wipe down the window at a 45-degree angle. And be sure to dry the tool after every use.

-Keep those Sills Clean

Grab a handheld vacuum cleaner and clear up the area around your window sills to remove any dirt or dust. If there’s dust set in the crevice, use a microfiber cloth and wipe the area gently so there’s no dust left over. This way, when you clean your windows using a water-and-soap solution, you won’t have to worry about the dust becoming a cakey mess on the sill.

-Don’t DIY Remove any Tough Stains

Don’t even think about using that razor blade to remove the stubborn bird dropping! For difficult stains that won’t go away, it’s best to use a specific product that can be utilized for that purpose. Using steel wool or razor blades might remove the stain, but heavily damage the window in the process.

Keep Your Windows Clean!

Is it that time of the month again when your windows need a proper cleaning? Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions will make sure your windows are nice and shiny by the time we’re done! Get in touch with us! We offer window cleaning services in the Bay Area, CA.

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