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Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning a Solar Panel

It’s good to see so many people realizing the importance of using renewable forms of energy. Among so many efficient energy solutions, solar panels are on the rise. Experts believe that we may see a consistent increase in their use and solar energy will continue to provide power generation solutions. However, most people don’t understand the importance of cleaning their solar panels and neglect their maintenance. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, solar panels can have many serious problems. This blog post will highlight some of these problems.

Poor Performance and Efficiency

Solar panels are a great alternative to electricity because of their efficiency. However, constant exposure to dust, and other impurities can block your solar panels, prevent them from absorbing sufficient solar energy and affect their performance. Research shows that an unclean solar panel’s efficiency reduces by at least 10.4%. Even if your solar panel is apparently working fine, cleaning it regularly can improve its efficiency and help you save more energy.

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Reduced Current Output

A solar panel relies on sunlight to generate direct current (DC) electricity that your devices need. However, a dirty solar panel with many blockages has insufficient absorption of light that can be converted to current. Not only does this increase your electricity bills but it also threatens any expensive devices that you might have connected to the solar panel.

It Can Affect Its Warranty

Do you know that most solar panels come with one year warranty that you can claim if you aren’t getting satisfactory results? However, these warranties don’t cover the damage. In other words, if you’re not taking care of your solar panels and letting them be exposed to impurities, you may not be able to claim your warranty. No supplier or manufacturer will accept a solar panel that’s corroding or has any other irreversible damage due to lack of timely care and maintenance.


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