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Do Dirty Solar Panels Reduce Power Output?

With human civilization becoming a strain on the planet with every new development, we need to adopt sustainable practices and change our ways of living. The exploitation of natural non-renewable fossil fuels has sucked the earth dry over the past centuries, and we’ll soon be at the brink of extinction if we don’t conserve energy sources.

Installing solar panels in homes is a start to smart living. The self-generation of electricity saves a lot in terms of fuel consumption and lessens the carbon footprint on the planet. 

Initial Cost of Installation

But it’s not easy to make this transition because you have to invest around $13,430 to $18,170 in solar panel installation. It incurs a high initial cost but cuts down utility bills over time. But all of that money can go to waste if you’re negligent about maintaining solar panels. You can’t pay a one-time cost and be on your way. Keeping the solar panels clean is essential for optimum output.

Electricity Output

Grimy and gritty solar panels can cut down electrical output by 35%. This is a massive plunge if your household requires large reserves of energy to sustain itself. Surviving on just a 65% electricity supply can compromise your living standards drastically. Imagine not being able to run your washer when the dirty laundry has piled up or turned off the heater on a chilly winter night? These problems can add to significant inconveniences that may become health and safety hazards. You can’t power through the day if you have no power.

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Cleaning Helps

Research has shown that cleaning your solar panels after a few weeks’ worth of dirt has settled on them improves efficiency by 50%. An inspection of the grime that usually covers panels revealed that 92% of it is dust, while the rest are anthropic carbon and ion pollutants. The minor 8% pollutants are more effective barriers against sunlight than dust and thus have a greater hand in reducing output.

They’re stickier and minuscule, which allows them to cling onto the surface with a greater adhesive force. This also makes it difficult to clean them if the pollutants have veiled the entire surface. You need a professional cleaning service for your solar panels to go back to producing electricity at optimum capacity.

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