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Dirty Solar Panels: Things That Could Go Wrong

With rising awareness, there has been a gradual shift towards clean renewable forms of energy. One such technological improvement is the adoption of solar panels. Solar panels converts sunlight into electrical energy through photovoltaic (PV) panels or mirrors. This energy can either be used as electricity or stored for later.

Experts predict that solar energy will become cheaper in the future and will have an increased share in power generation.

Solar panels need to be maintained regularly as several external influences can affect their performance, including dust, bird droppings, or even cracks.

We’ve outlined some things that can go wrong if solar panels aren’t cleaned properly:

1. It Can Affect Performance and Efficiency

The solar cells make up the main portion of the panels whereby light is absorbed and converted into electrical energy. The extent of power generation depends on the amount of light absorbed by these cells.

Layers upon layers of dust accumulated on the glass cover can reduce the cells’ ability to absorb light. Studies show that dust accumulation can result in a drop of almost 10.4% efficiency in solar cells’ performance in around sixteen weeks.

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2. Less Direct Current

Solar panels make use of light to generate direct current (DC) electricity. As light is absorbed into these panels, a current is generated in the same direction.

When solar panels get dirty, energy flowing to the inverter is reduced. This means that less DC will be converted into energy and you will have to rely on other sources of energy, which ends up increasing your electrical expense.

 3. Issues in Warranty

In some cases, you need to clean your solar panels to be able to claim a warranty. This is because as dust accumulation can lead to corrosion and irreversible damage. Rainwater can make this situation worse as it could leave a film of dirt on the narrow edges, making it harder to clean.

To ensure you derive maximum benefits when it comes to solar panels, be sure to clean them periodically. However, they’re not too easy to clean and it’s risky business to do so without proper safety gear.

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