A man cleaning a glass pane with a squeegee

Common Tools Used by Professional Window Cleaners

Have you ever hired a professional window cleaning company to clean your building’s windows?They’re capable of cleaning windows so thoroughly that you’d swear you had new ones put in! Window cleaners usean array of equipment during window washing to leave windows looking spotless. Professional window cleaning will improve your building’s cleanliness and boost your employees’ productivity.But what kinds of tools do window cleaners use to carry out professional window washing?

Here are 3 common tools used by professional window cleaners.

Razor Blades

If we ask you to tell us what kind of tools window cleaners use, chances are you won’t mention razor blades. However, razor blades are one of the most important tools used during professional window washing!

Window cleaners use razor blades to gently remove stains and materials from the surface of the glass. The flat edge of the razor blade slides between the glass and the material to loosen it. This allows window cleaners to remove tough stains that can’t be removed using window cleaning solutions and squeegees alone.

Pro-grade Squeegees

It’s tempting to DIY your home’s window cleaning using budget squeegees you picked up at your local Home Depot. But did you know these squeegees pale in comparison to the pro-grade squeegees used by a top-notch window cleaning service?

Professional window cleaners use squeegees made using higher-quality materials like industrial-grade rubber. They also use squeegees of various sizes depending on the height and width of your windows. This enables them to wash windows as thoroughly as possible.

High-quality Cleaning Solutions

Did you know using the wrong brand of window cleaner will stain your windows? In other words, if you think spraying your windows with any old window cleaning solution before wiping them is enough to make them look brand new, think again!

Professional window cleaners typically combine several products to create cleaning solutions that dissolve stains far better than regular cleaning sprays. They’ll assess the tough spots on your windows before using high-quality cleaning solutions that the average joe will struggle to find at their local store.

A man cleaning the glass pane on a door

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