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4 Reasons To Have Your Home Pressure Washed

Jun 22, 2020   //   by admin   //   Pressure Washing  //  No Comments

Pressure washing is most definitely a necessary maintenance service for your property. It has many benefits and should be part of every homeowner’s maintenance routine to keep their property looking new at all times.

Your home’s exteriors face weather stripping on a daily basis due to rain, storms, harsh sunlight, and winter. It also has to deal with natural conditions like pests, birds, pollutants, and smoke, leading to a dull appearance.

Power washing is a one-stop solution to clean the exteriors and safeguard your investment.

Here are some reasons to power wash your property:

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Back to its Former Glory—The Benefits of Getting Your Home Pressure Washed

Jun 15, 2020   //   by admin   //   Pressure Washing  //  No Comments

Think back to the last time you gave your home’s exterior a good cleaning. Can’t remember? It’s because when it comes to cleaning, we focus more on the interior than the facade!

Prioritizing Your Home’s Exterior

The American Cleaning Institute’s 2020 Annual National Cleaning Survey states that 78 percent of Americans spring clean their homes every year.

Yet, there’s no information as to how many pay attention to their home exterior. And that’s the biggest problem.

Depending on weather conditions and air quality, your home’s exterior experiences a lot of damage over the years, some of which works its way into the walls and foundation, thus damaging your home further.

So, to make sure this doesn’t happen, we recommend that you have your exterior pressure washed!

What are the Benefits of Pressure Washing?

It’s Safe for the Environment

Instead of relying on any cleaning solutions, pressure washing uses plain water to clear out any marks, stains, and mildew off your walls and windows.

Pressure washing is a heavy-duty cleaning method since it relies on blasting water at high pressure. So, you can be sure it’s a lot more effective than taking a sponge and cleaner and scrubbing away at your walls.

It also helps that pressure washing doesn’t use as much water as you’d think, which makes it a more sustainable, helpful service that helps you do your bit in conserving water.

It Prevents Extensive, Expensive Repairs

As stated above, external elements can work their way into your home’s internal structure, causing rot and decay. Pressure washing prevents this from happening by removing the rot and mildew from the source.

At Splash Window Cleaning & Solutions, we use power washing to clear out the gutters and downspouts. It not only removes any hidden mold from behind the pipes, but it also clears out the nooks and crannies of your siding as well.

It Improves Your Home’s Value     

First impressions matter, especially if you’re thinking about selling your home in the long run.

With brick and mortar or stucco homes, cracks and patches appear on the surface very easily and make your home look run down, which can be a turn-off for homebuyers. So, consider pressure washing as an investment that’ll take your home’s curb appeal to the next level.

Get in Touch with a Professional Pressure Washing Company

A reputable company such as Splash Window Cleaning & Solutions can help you give your home’s exterior a makeover. Get in touch with us and let us know what you need. We offer top quality pressure washing services in the Bay Area, CA.

The Top Uses of Pressure Washers

Apr 4, 2020   //   by admin   //   Cleaning, Pressure Washing  //  No Comments

Pressure washers have become more popular than ever. In these times specifically, since there’s a global pandemic going on, cleanliness has become a top priority. With the United States now having more coronavirus cases than even China, pressure washing has become a very in-demand service.

And as for the top use cases for pressure washing, here are the ones we encounter most:

Getting Outdoor Furniture Washed

Most people have outdoor furniture that is made of plastic, wood, or vinyl. And not a lot of people give much thought to cleaning outdoor furniture during their regular cleaning sprees.

Overtime, not only does this furniture become dirty, but it also becomes a breeding ground for germs. That makes it a health hazard, and we can’t risk that during especially fraught times.


One of the many things we forget to clean thoroughly are our windows. Of course, we make sure the glass is shining, but there are often crevices and cracks that we miss—and these become major problems further down the line.

What these obstinate windows need is a pressure cleaning treatment that can get right down to the most impossible nicks and get the most stubborn pickets of dust out. Remember: your window might look clean—but there’s always more to the picture.

Stairs, Walkways, Fences, and More


Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see when they come to your house. And while it might have presented a pretty picture once upon a time, it’s most likely dirty and full of muck after all these years.

If you’re planning on selling your house soon, you need to pay some serious attention to the exterior as well. Washing it on your own can’t get rid of all the grime that has accumulated over all those years; but getting professional pressure washers to do it can be very effective.

Outdoor elements such as the exterior of the house, fences, stairways and walkways can all be cleaned in this manner.

California’s Leading Pressure Washing Service

Splash Window Cleaning & Solutions is a leading pressure washing service provider in the Bay Area that can take care of all your window and solar panel power washing needs. Whether you need us to cleanse surfaces during the pandemic or in general, we’re always here for you.