About Us

About Luciano Rodrigues

A loving and dedicated family man, with a beautiful wife and two boys, I’m the founder and field manager of this company. 

I started window cleaning back in Brazil, from the age of 18 and since then, I have had multiple years of experience, extensive training in this field, as well as customer service. 

I work to ensure that my clients get the best services available to them, so that their homes and offices are not only clean, but also aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained.

Our History

I started this company after having received training in both window cleaning and several services that came with it, as well as a 100-hour course on Excellence in Customer Services.

My clients’ satisfaction comes above everything for me and for this business, fuelling our work and driving us to do better.

Through my training, I applied the 4 cornerstones of every company to Splash Window Cleaning and Solution as well, working on the principles of customer service, professionalism, safety and honesty.

From years of being in the field, I have learned the value of being present at every job myself, which is where you’ll find me!

How Clean Windows
Improve the Look of Your House

Through the wisdom of my father’s teachings about homes and families, I learned the value and importance of deciding who should be given the right to enter and be a part of your space. This is a principle my company works with.

My goal for this company is to offer the best available services to my clients, using only the highest quality products and tools to give your home the cleanliness it deserves. I believe places needed to be treated with respect, which is why the company’s focus isn’t on being the cheapest in the industry, but being the most reliable and thorough. Don’t jump for the cheapest price at the expense and risk of high-quality services!

Clean windows, well-maintained gutters, skylights and solar panels can improve the look and feel of your home by a mile. This is especially useful for homeowners looking to sell or rent out their properties and wish to make a lasting impression. Businesses also need to make a solid impression on their investors and clients alike—think of this as an investment for your future!

We are insured, have years of experience under our belt, and as the founder, I am personally at most job sites that we cater to. We have special offers for loyal customers, as well as referral programs and discounts all the time! You can rest assured that you’ll be receiving nothing short of the best in the business.