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About Us

Hi there, my name is Luciano Rodrigues, I am married to the most enchanting wife a man could ever get also I’m a father of 2 blessed sons Luciano Junior and Joshua. I am the founder and field manager of Splash Window Cleaning & Solutions, where costumer service, excellence and safety always is our number one priority and let me tell you, I’m 37 years old and I’ve been doing Window Cleaning since I was 18 years old back in the beautiful country of Brazil. Well differentially from what mostly of our competitors do, here at Splash Window Cleaning & Solutions, we did not pay anybody to create this website for us, I personally spent nearly one month to put all these information together in a simple, easy, honest and effective way so that people can look at it and actually understand the meaning of every service we offer without any sort of “strings attached”. I also wrote word for word based on all these years of experience that I have in this field. Every single picture you see in this website they’re actual jobs we’ve done and also every testimonial you see here they were written by our clients. “What a shame for the competitors”!

Back in time more specifically in 1994 when I was 18 years old and still leaving in Brazil, I took nearly 100 hours of Excellent in Costume Services, since then a passion and pride about my job began develop inside myself and I just couldn’t never ever let that go specially after I found out how much of a rewording it can be when you make people impressed and happy with the outcome results of your job’s performance. Those classes also showed me that Costumer service, Professionalism, Safety and Honesty must be no matter what, the 4 Corner Stone of every company and here at Splash Window Cleaning & Solutions, we take it extremely serious that’s why I am personally in every job either performing the cleaning or keeping a very close look in what and how my guys are doing out there.

My father always thought me some very valuable lessons since I was a few years old and out of those things he told me that a strong man stands for himself but only a stronger man will stand for the others also he once told me that one of the greatest treasure a man can carry with him is his true character and dignity and I couldn’t agree more! Well all I’m trying to tell you here is that you really should be very careful with who you are granting the right to enter into your home surrounding all your loved ones. Here at Splash Window Cleaning & Solutions, we are a Christian family owned and operated also I am a member of the United Chaplains International, badge number  6860, so these facts alone will give you a great peace of mind. Since we’re not in business to be the cheapest, we’re in business to be the best with competitive prices, keep in mind, there is always a reason why some competitors they claim their price to be so low, most likely they’re doing a very poor quality job, they’re missing something, They’re cutting corners regarding quality of work or cheating on you somehow. Do they use the same cleaning techniques that we use, do they have many years of experience, do they have insurance, do they have worker’s compensation? Are they reliable? Are they honest and have a good character? Is it safe to let them into your home surrounding you and your loved ones? Think about it!