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A Complete Fall Home Cleaning Checklist

While you may have heard about spring cleaning, our experts believe that fall cleaning is more important—at least for the exterior of your house.

Fall is a beautiful time, the leaves are falling and the temperatures begin to drop, but that also means you need to prepare for winter.

Take some time out to have your home’s exterior’s cleaned in time for the winter months:

Window cleaning

Window cleaning is an important task that many homeowners don’t account for on a regular basis. It’s difficult to clean windows since most areas are hard to reach, especially if your home is over one story.

Employ the help of a local window washing service to take care of your home’s windows. Our team gets rid of dirt, debris, grime, stains, and even scratches for you. We use a combination of 3 products and specific window cleaning tools that get the job done.

Solar panel cleaning

The fallen leaves during fall look stunning, but aren’t so great for your solar panels. If your solar panels haven’t been cleaned in a while, they could be working inefficiently. Have them professionally cleaned to ensure they work well. We use the Solar Maid PV Cleaning Solution to provide our premium quality solar panel cleaning. This solution is non-abrasive and leaves a spotless finish.  This solution also includes UV-attracting compounds that are ideal for improving the panel’s function.

Gutter cleaning

Your home’s gutters are one of the first places to be affected by the fallen leaves during this season. Fallen leaves accumulate in the gutters of your home, clogging them.

These leaves begin to decay and become difficult to remove. Decaying leaves also harbor many pests that lead to an infestation indoors. Make sure you have your home’s gutters cleaned this fall to maintain the health of your roof.

Power washing

If you’ve had a busy summer hosting friends and family on your patio and in your backyard, your patio is most likely dirty and stained. Have your patio power washed to reveal its rich color and get rid of any stains.

Skylight cleaning

skylight cleaning

If you have trees near your home, then your skylight is bound to have fallen leaves during fall, preventing natural light from entering. These fallen leaves and debris also leave behind stubborn stains that affect the aesthetic of the skylight. Have your home’s skylight cleaned by us. We use a specially designed razor blade to scrape away dirt without affecting the surface of the skylight.

Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions is a service that provides a range of cleaning services in the Bay Area. Our team professional window cleaning services, window screen cleaning, and solar panel cleaning, and much more. Contact us for more information at (415) 286-3115.

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