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6 Tips For Caring For Your Rain Gutter

Rain gutters are an essential part of your roofing system. Therefore they need regular maintenance. Excessive flow of water or clogged rain gutters can damage the exterior walls of a home and affect its foundation.

It’s best to maintain and inspect your rain gutter frequently to avoid such problems.

1. Clean Your Gutter Regularly

Regularly cleaning your gutters can ensure a free flow of rainwater. An easy way to clean the rain gutter is:

  • Get on a ladder
  • Use a gutter trowel
  • Scope the dirt and leaves out of the pipe
  • Once all the dirt is removed, hose to flush the gutter
  • Test the water flow

If you don’t feel comfortable jumping up the ladder, you can always contact an expert for your gutter cleaning.

2. Maintenance

Check if there’s a sign of corrosion or leak. In case you see any signs, you may be able to get it fixed quickly. But if the damage is extensive, you may have to call an expert from a renowned gutter repair company to replace the damaged parts.

3. Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards can help in minimizing the need to clean the rain gutters. In addition, these devices can prevent leaves and other items from falling into the gutters.

4. Inspect Downspouts

Downspouts need a periodic check. They can be clogged due to debris, leaves, or dirt accumulating in the gutters over time, which can block the water flow. Moreover, clogged downspouts can result in water spilling over the sides. 

5. Snake the Downspouts

Sometimes, you’ll find that your gutters are clean and there is no blockage, but the water flow is still disrupted. This may happen due to some obstructions in the pipes. The most efficient way to clean the downspout is to use the plumber’s snake (a thin metal wire).

6. Check the Slopes

It’s possible that your rain gutters are not perfectly positioned; this can affect the water flow in your system. This blockage in water flow can cause water accumulation, which can damage the rain gutter over time.

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