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6 Best Window Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Dirty windows are an eyesore. Not only do they make your house look shabby but also lead to health problems, such as allergies.

So, naturally, you want to clean them from time to time.

Keep reading to learn about the important tools that are crucial for cleaning windows.


A washer is the most important tool which is used for applying cleaning detergent to the window. It comes in various sizes, t-bars, and sleeves.

Washers also come in different types of sleeves of abrasive pads, microfiber, and cotton. If you want a customized washer, you can buy t-bars and sleeves separately.


Squeegee is another essential window cleaning that consists of a handle, rubber, and channel.

Many traditional window cleaners prefer squeegee with a brass handle because it helps with blade pressure.

If you don’t want to strain on your wrist, you can go for the light-weighted plastic and aluminum squeegee.

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Extension Poles

You can’t clean your roof-to-ceiling windows without extension poles.

These poles are mostly made from ultra-lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber.

It’s recommended to look for ones with easy locking mechanisms, replaceable tips, and ergonomic handles.

Tool Belt

Proper care is essential for your cleaning tools to last longer.

A good tool belt not only allows you to store your cleaning tools but also lets you carry them with you.


Towels are a highly cost-effective option for cleaning windows.

You can go for surgical or microfiber cloths that clean windows without leaving unpleasant streaks behind.

Bucket and Solutions

A dish soap and some water are more than enough to clean your windows. Additionally, it saves you a lot of money.

As for buckets, grab any inexpensive ones from a local hardware store near you. But make sure to buy at least one rectangular bucket in which your widest T-bar can fit.

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