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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Roof Cleaning

House maintenance is something many people take up by themselves, but cleaning your roof can be a challenge. Rooftops are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, and so overtime they collect dust, moss, leaves and even fungus on them.

Hence, cleaning your roof can be very tedious and tricky. There are certain things that should be avoided when roof cleaning and some of them are as follows:

Using the Wrong Kind of Equipment

The first thing to consider when cleaning your roof is the kind of equipment you’d be using. The wrong kind of machines can damage your roof, so it would be smart to invest in a good quality washer that does not thrust too much water pressure onto it.

Using Harsh Cleaning Solutions

Sometimes roof cleaning chemicals can be very strong, so you need to be careful about what you pick especially if you have a previously damaged roof that is now more prone to breakage and cracks. Make sure to avoid strong solutions. Some stains might be more stubborn than others, but always try a mild solution first and see if it gets the job done.

Doing a Quick Job

Rooftops that have not been frequently cleaned require extensive care and deep cleaning. It is best to avoid taking shortcuts when washing your roof so that you don’t leave any dirt behind.

Applying One Cleaning Technique

You’ll be surprised to see how different contaminants can collect on your roof, like dirt, moss, and fungus. Sticking to one cleaning method might not do the trick, as some spots may require more rigorous washing. Often a mixture of different cleaning products might be needed for best results.

Cleaning too Aggressively

Always be gentle when cleaning your rooftop because harsh cleaning and scrubbing methods can sometimes cause irreparable damage to your rooftop.

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