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4 Things You Can Do to Transform Your Boring Windows

Have you ever thought about what item makes or breaks your room’s design? Windows are an essential part of a room. Some people consider it as a part of the furniture while others may neglect them like they do with walls. However, we’ve listed a few things you can do to ensure they look great.

1.      Design Windows According to The Location

Before transforming your boring windows, start by considering the geographical location of your property. Observe the sun’s placement and location when selecting your windows and where they’ll go. Also do some research about the climate in your area and choose the right window accordingly.

Sunlight also gives off harmful UV rays, which can damage your design fixtures. Place your windows accordingly and invest in some high-quality curtains.

2.      Enhance Visual Appeal with Unique Window Shapes

To be honest, there’s no specific window design or shape that’s the best. The perfect window depends on your choice; it could be curvilinear or rectilinear. Many people like to play with solid and voids in home spaces.

3.      Compliment Your Room with Perfect Windows

While planning the design of your house, consider a suitable place or space for the window based on the design elements already there in the room. Voluminous rooms with tall ceilings will look amazing with clear, large windows. You can place such windows above the ground or have them stretch from the floor up to the ceiling.

For small rooms, install windows with low sill heights. This way, you’ll be taking advantage of overflowing sunlight without making the room feel small in comparison.

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After renovating your house with perfectly gorgeous windows, it’s time for window maintenance. Not everyone has the time to clean windows every after a few days, but dirt will build upon the glass and end up getting blurry if you leave them unattended. However, you can get in touch with us. At Splash Bay, we offer affordable and quick window cleaning services in the Bay Area. Contact us today and get an estimate!

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