4 Reasons To Have Your Home Pressure Washed

Pressure washing is most definitely a necessary maintenance service for your property. It has many benefits and should be part of every homeowner’s maintenance routine to keep their property looking new at all times.

Your home’s exteriors face weather stripping on a daily basis due to rain, storms, harsh sunlight, and winter. It also has to deal with natural conditions like pests, birds, pollutants, and smoke, leading to a dull appearance.

Power washing is a one-stop solution to clean the exteriors and safeguard your investment.

Here are some reasons to power wash your property:

Maintenance is cheaper than repairs

Consistently having your property pressure washed is a relatively cost-efficient process. Failure to do so every year, leads to the exterior of your home looking quite dull, the only solution to which is having the siding redone. Installing new siding or having the home refinished is most definitely more expensive than regular pressure washing.

Primes the surface

Whether you plan on having your home’s exteriors refinished, painted, or resurfaced, pressure washing is the ideal way to prepare the area. Pressure washing removes any dirt, oil, and grime on the surface that could perhaps affect the overall look once your home is done.

Pressure washing also prepares your deck and patio for wood staining too. It removes any solidified dirt, grime, and dust lodged in corners. Pressure washing the patio also prepared it for hosting friends and family.

Reduces allergens and mildew

Dust and mildew can have a direct impact on your family’s health, even if it’s on your home’s exteriors. Having all this dirt, allergens, and grime removed can prevent family members from getting ill.

Over 20 million adults and 6 million children suffer from seasonal allergies. Some of the most common allergies are pollen, dust mites, VOCs, mold spores, etc. These contaminants can be washed away with professional power washing.

Since spring and summer are known to be peak allergy season, it’s best to have your home’s exteriors pressure washed during this time.

Restores curb appeal of your home

home appeal

Pressure washing is the use of water at a very high pressure, which can dislodge any dirt and grime on the surface. Over time, your property can begin to look faded. Power washing ensures your home’s visual appeal is restored. It instantly adds vibrancy by removing dirt from the surface. Professional pressure washing equipment also reaches every nook and cranny to ensure there’s no dust, grime or other buildups left on the surface.

Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions is a professional pressure washing service in the Bay Area. Not only will your property look good as new, but it can also prevent family members suffer from allergy flare-ups. We also provide professional window cleaning services, window screen cleaning, and solar panel cleaning. Contact us for more information at (415) 286-3115.

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