3 Types of Window Cleaning Services

One of the most important aspects of spring cleaning is cleaning your home’s windows. While it’s tempting to DIY window cleaning, if you truly want your home to look fantastic, it’s vital to hire an expert window cleaning company.

Professional window cleaners ensure everything from the window glass to the tracks on which the windows slide is left spotless. So, what are the various types of window cleaning services worth investing in?

Here’s a look at three types of window cleaning services to consider for your home!

Window Screen Cleaning

It’s common for houses in the Bay Area to feature window screens that keep various insect species in San Francisco from invading your home. So, if your windows have screens, why not get them cleaned at the same time as your windows?

Professional window cleaners often use power washing to clean extremely stained windows. If the window cleaners have power washing equipment, it’s worth asking them to spray down the screens to remove cobwebs, debris, and dirt caught in the holes.

Hard Water Cleaning

Have you ever noticed cloudy spots on your window even after you’ve wiped them as thoroughly as possible? This occurs because minerals found in your home’s water supply stick to the glass following window cleaning. These are known as hard water stains.

Fortunately, professional window cleaners are experienced at cleaning windows in a way that doesn’t leave hard water stains. They use special chemicals and equipment like microfiber cloths to prevent hard water stains from forming on your windows.

Track and Sill Cleaning

Picture this. The windows in your home are caked in stains and grime, so you hire a window cleaning service to get them professionally cleaned. The window cleaners work their magic to make your windows look spotless. But when you try to close your windows, you hear a horrendous screeching sound coming from the track!

It’s easy to forget that it’s as important to clean window tracks and sills as it is to clean the glass. If your window is making a scratching sound every time you slide it open or close, chances are the track and sill are full of debris. Therefore, it’s vital to get your window tracks and sills thoroughly vacuumed during window cleaning.

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