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3 Tools You Will Need To Wash Windows Properly

Windows are the medium through which we view the outside world. For a clear, uninterrupted view, they need to be cleaned and free of dust, stains, and scratches. Most windows are made of glass, and thus require proper cleaning and maintenance from time to time.

Here are a few tools you will need to wash windows properly.

A vacuum with a wide blade

An automatic vacuum cleaner will help you clean windows quickly and efficiently. They’re especially great for cleaning hard-to-reach windows, as they remove all dirt and stains from glass surfaces.

Buy a vacuum cleaner with a wide blade so you can cover more surface area in one swipe. Also, ensure the vacuum cleaner is of good quality, so it doesn’t leave streaks on the windows.

Automatic window vacuum cleaners are costly, but they save time and energy and are best for cleaning windows easily and efficiently.

Window trigger spray mop

Many windows in our homes are situated higher on the walls to let in the maximum amount of sunlight and make the room bright and airy.

But these higher up windows make it difficult to clean without a ladder or a small step stool. With a window trigger spray mop, you can easily reach these windows and clean the top with ease and comfort.

The long handle and the sponge grip on this mop make it convenient to clean windows. The trigger sprays water onto the window for thorough cleaning that makes them shine.

Window Cleaner


A squeegee is a small tool with a flat and smooth rubber blade on the top, which you can use to manually clean windows and give them a good scrubbing to remove all stains and spots.

You can dip the squeegee into a cleaning solution or soapy water and use the blade to remove the dirt from the glass’s surface. A squeegee is available at low prices in any home store, but using a squeegee is a manual, time-consuming process.

If you want to save your time and effort, contact a professional window cleaning service for cleaning your windows. Our team of window cleaners will use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and high-grade cleaning equipment to clean your windows until they sparkle thoroughly. Contact us here to avail our window cleaning services.

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