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3 Tips to Keep in Mind Before Power Washing

Power washing is an intense way to clean your home. Over the past few years, power washing has become quite popular to clean stubborn oil and grease stains, dirt, and unwanted grime. They’re super versatile and can be used to clean the exterior of your home, your deck, patio, fences, and much more!

However, if you’re not handling your power washer carefully, it can quickly become a hazard.

What Can’t You Wash With A Power Washer?

Power washers aren’t safe for every surface due to the sheer amount of pressure that the water has. It can damage soft surfaces that are made of laminar sandstone, older, aged things such as old furniture, decks, and wood. Don’t wash anything that’s been painted as the pressure will chip off the paint, including things that are made out of stained wood. Lastly, don’t pressure wash asphalt roofs as it can take the granules off and lead to complete disintegration.

Brown Wooden Fence

Surface Area

Before you start pressure washing anything, make sure to note its surface area. This will change the temperature that you use for power washing. Hot water is more effective in deep cleaning an area faster and works best for bigger areas. It can help clean areas that are infected with harmful bacteria such as mold, mildew, weeds, and more.

Safety Measures

Power washing can be very dangerous if it’s being handled incorrectly. Never use a power washer near an electrical outlet, say a few feet away from the area that you’re washing, and make sure the nozzle is correctly placed for the area that you’re washing. Never spray it at another person even as a joke, keep away from children at all times, and use safety measures such as gloves and goggles to protect yourself from any potential harm.

Power washing can be dangerous, and shouldn’t be handled by those without proper knowledge or experience. To avoid any kind of injuries and damages, hire the experts at Splash Window & Cleaning Solutions. We offer pressure washing services in the Bay Area, along with window washing and cleaning services. As an eco-friendly cleaning company, we use a mixture of three green ingredients to ensure no harm is done to the environment while we perform our professional services.

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