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3 Signs Your House Needs a Gutter Cleaning Service

Gutters are our best defense when it comes to protecting our homes from water damage. A clogged gutter won’t just lead to cracked walls; it can also damage the home’s foundations. Regular cleaning of the gutter is quite essential regardless of the climate you live in.

Most people don’t clean their gutters regularly until they become clogged, and as a consequence, basements get flooded. The best approach is to always be aware of the condition of gutters around the house and get them cleaned on time.

Here are some signs that mean your gutter needs a cleaning:

1.      Leaves And Debris

This is the most common reason behind clogged gutters. If there are trees close to your house, you’ll find leaves and debris accumulating in your gutters. Leaves and debris not only clog your gutters but also attract pests and allow plants to grow, causing more than one problem.

2.      Plant Growth

Can you spot any plants in your gutter system? If yes, then it means you’re way too late with the cleaning, and you should call professional gutter cleaning services as soon as possible. Always remember for the plants to grow, they need leaves and debris to support their root system. Plant growth is one of the most glaring signs that you need instant cleaning done by professionals.

3.      Pests

Small pests like mice, frogs, or squirrels can make their homes under clogged gutter pipes. These animals can damage your drainage system and make way for more dangerous animals like feral cats and snakes. If you see or feel that an animal or pests have made their home in gutter lines, you must contact professional cleaning services as soon as possible because they pose a health and safety risk, especially if you have kids in the house.

rusted gutter pipe

These were the three of the most common signs that your house has clogged gutters, and they need quick cleaning. When the gutters are not cleaned for longer intervals, the plumbing inevitably gets damaged, and you end up paying for the repairs and replacements as well. If you’re noticing any of the signs mentioned above and are looking for a professional gutter cleaning in San Francisco or Bay Area, CA, then contact us or call us at (415) 286-3115  

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