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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Windows

The New Year’s here and now is the best time to get your house professionally cleaned by a cleaning services company.

When it comes to house cleaning, windows are something you shouldn’t forget. Dirty windows are not only unhygienic but they leave a bad impression on visitors.

If you’re ready to clean your windows, avoid these mistakes.

Not disinfecting the windows

You might think washing your windows with expensive products makes your windows clean. But it doesn’t.

It’s only the first step of the process that removes, dirt, dust and other impurities. Your windows will still be infected with microbes, viruses and other disease-causing agents.

That’s why you’ll need to disinfect your windows for a deep clean. Since the Coronavirus is a health threat, it’s a good idea to wipe your windows with a safe disinfectant.

Using the wrong cleaning supplies

cleaning towel

Using cheap cleaning sprays leaves streaks on your window, beating the whole purpose of window cleaning. You should use glass cleaners that are specifically made for cleaning windows. A bathroom or kitchen surface cleaner won’t do.

Secondly, you also need to choose the right tools. You can’t expect a paper towel to leave your windows without any streaks.

Microfiber cloths are a cost-effective and time-saving tool for window cleaning, and don’t even leave any streaks or residue.

Similarly, tools like scouring pads and magic erasers temporarily remove grime, soap scum and stubborn stains from window surfaces. However, their repeated use can leave marks, streaks, chips and scratches on your windows.

Cleaning during unsuitable weather  

It may sound surprising but the weather also impacts your window cleaning results. A lot of people clean on sunny days because the heat dries up the windows quickly.

However, when it dries up too soon, the surface retains residue, streaks and water strains making it appear dirty. Rain, snow and windcan leave a similar impact on windows. That’s why we advise always that you check the weather forecast before scheduling a window cleaning service.

When you’re cleaning windows by yourself, it’s natural to make a lot of mistakes. A better option is to hire a professional window cleaning company.

At Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions, we’re a team of expert window cleaners in Bay Area. We use effective tools and technology and eco-friendly methods, so your windows look as good as new!

Contact us today to avail our cleaning services.

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