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3 Extremely Satisfying Benefits of Cleaning Your Gutters

Gutters are an integral element of your roof and offer a proper drainage system for rainwater. They guide the water away from your roof and subsequently protect the foundation of your property. Not to forget, they add an aesthetic appeal to your house.

It doesn’t take much for gutters to become flooded. Needles or twigs can lead to blockages, causing the gutters to spillover. This can lead to cracks occurring in the foundation of the building, causing structural damage.

Let’s look at some problems that could occur when gutters are not cleaned and satisfying benefits of cleaning them:

1.    Regular Maintenance Minimizes the Accumulation of Pests

Clogged gutters become a breeding ground for pests and rodents; as a result, the gutters may not be able to drain properly. Termites and ants can also chew off the foundation of the roof and cause damage to your property.

Furthermore, as debris accumulates, it could become a platform for bacteria growth, which could lead to the growth of fungi. This could exacerbate the blockage.

Stagnant water caused by clogged gutters can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a host of diseases such as the Zika Virus.

2.    It Improves the Functioning of Your Gutters

Gutters perform to their full potential when they are cleaned and regularly maintained. They also extend the lifespan and longevity of your roof.

In cold winter months, clogged gutters trap debris and ice. As water cannot be drained properly, it accumulates into ice, causing ice dams. These icicles start forming shingles on the roof and put additional weight and stress.

This could damage the foundation of the roof and increase the chances of it collapsing. Further, cleaning your gutters will prevent them from rust and corrosion.

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3.    It Increases the Appeal and Value of Your Property

Landscaping and remodelling is common practice, but a well-maintained and properly functioning gutter attracts prospective buyers and ensures the house is safe from flooding and other damages.

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