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How Clean Windows Improve The Look Of Your House

Windows have always been one of the best and most important features of a house; and with modern architecture, they have become accent features, playing a very important role in the overall look and feel of the house.

Just like all design and aesthetic elements, though,windows need to be clean and crystal clear in order to give the house it’s desired look.

Dirty windows can marthe entire look and overshadow your exquisite design. The dirt, plant remnants, decomposed particles, and toxins the wind carries hit the clear glass of the window pane, contaminating it. Over time, this dirt can accumulate, resulting in permanent staining.

That’s where we come in! We’re a professional window cleaning services company that offers services in The Great Bay Area; our main office is located in Richmond, CA.

We proudly serve the entire bay area

Welcome to Splash Window Cleaning & Solutions, we are a small Christian family owned and operated business with a huge spirit, serving the great bay area.

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Refer a Friend-Get 20% Off

For window cleaning – Refer us to a friend and get up to 20% off plus FREE screen cleaning on your next visit. For Pressure wash cleaning – Refer us to a friend and we will waive the 2nd hour on your next visit plus a FREE antibacterial treatment.

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